The Map
Director - Rob Letourneau

Rob first discovered his love of movies growing up in Canada's capital, Ottawa. After a visit to Warner Brothers Studios in LA he realized that film making was going to drive a passion in him. With years of experience in the music industry as both a drummer and songwriter he decided to focus on the short film, The Map, with his wife Judy's help. Influenced by so many great movies and actors he wrote this screenplay about a couple musicians battling the system to get music published.

An Honours graduate of York University and Trebas Institute for Recording Engineering as well as working at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in television and radio gave him a great background for this next step. Years of playing in bands and live performances brings a musical background that will more than likely live throughout all of his projects.

Working in an artistic environment and surrounded by talented people has been a journey of happiness that Rob plans to continue with future films.

The Map
Cast Bio's

Mat James (Tony Blues)

Mat was most recently seen as Jarvis Tetch aka. The Mad Hatter, in Wonderland Begins. Other credits include work in CTV's 2014 Christmas specials, and Javert in Les miserable (Centennial theatre). Mat was born In Wainfleet Ontario and moved to Ottawa to study after high school. He is currently studying Geography and Earth science at Carleton University.

Elroy Jelinek (Mr. Byrd)

After studying high school drama In Hamilton, Ontario, Elroy enrolled In the theatre program at North Vancouver's Capilano College where he excelled at live theatre. Among his performances there one that really stands out for him is when he played in Mad Forest when he played both a doctor and a soldier. Elroy’s film and television work includes "The Honeymoon" where he played a mechanic and worked with Special F/X as the bear in the movie. Elroy's talent really shines in the film "The Map" (2014) where he plays the part of Mr. Bryd an arrogant rock band promoter. Elroy looks forward to showcasing his talent in 2015 as spaceship captain Joseph Wallace in the film "The Geneticus Project".

Dina Renon (Sally "Mustang" Smith)

Dina began modelling and acting at the age of 12 in Ottawa. At 16 Dina received a contract to work in Osaka Cosmopolitan agency and was consistently asked to renew hercontracts. By 18 she was offered longer contracts from Gallery Inc. and eventually moved to Tokyo where she worked for many years as an actress and model. Dina moved back to Ottawa and became a modelling instructor and mentor for young new up and coming talent. Recently Dina started to break into the Montreal and Toronto market as an actress and model. She is a full ACTRA member with Actra Toronto.

Shannon Seguin (Cindy Byrd)

Shannon Maguire (Devil's assistant)

Shannon is a recent graduate of The Young Americans College of Performing Arts based out of California. She had spent three years teaching and performing variety theatre shows around several countries including, but not limited to: Germany, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, USA, and South Africa. In 2010, she was a member of the Adult Canadian Tap Team that competed in Germany that took home a bronze and silver medal. Shannon now has moved to Toronto to share her passion of teaching and performing. Since her arrival, she has made appearances in 3 shorts films (Anti-bullying Documentary, a Filmsville Production, Limitless Productions Film), dance crew in a TV show pilot (MAS) and 2 musical productions (Love Lash, Legally Blonde).

Gisele LeMay (Fortune Teller)

Gisele (Gigi) has always liked dressing-up and doing imitations, in fact, she was in a local newspaper and Ottawa Magazine doing just that. She has done a variety of jobs in the entertainment world including musical theatre, voice overs, actor in a film (The Day the World Died), church choir, 2 variety shows, TV, videos and on stage. She was also a hair, photography and art model. Currently she is learning the art of film making and continuing with her acting skills.

Bonnie Weston (secretary)

Wendy Daniels (Radio DJ)

The Map - Credits

Written, directed, and edited by Rob Letourneau

Featuring the music of Black Cherry Band

Producer              Rob Letourneau
Producer              Judy Letourneau

Editing, ADR, and Foley at Songwind Studios, Ottawa, Ontario

Lighting direction for the Booking Agents Office and The Crossroads by Larry Munn

Drum solo footage filmed by Mike Guilbault

Stunt driving Judy Letourneau

Casting by Songwind Multimedia Inc.

Camera and location sound by Rob Letourneau

Line editing by Lea Libiseja

Black Cherry Band is Rob Letourneau, Michelle (Mimi) Rainville, Gisele (Gigi) LeMay, Bonnie Weston, Victor Watson, and Deneece Marion

Nellie (TD - The Dog) Letourneau

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The City of Ottawa
The Town of Mayo
The Cumberland Museum
The Ottawa Champions Baseball Team
Dave Balloch
The Ottawa Baseball Stadium
The Byward Market, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa, Ontario
Boom 99.7 FM, Ottawa, Ontario
Serge Dupere
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